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How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes in the Washer: From Fiasco to Fabulous

Introduction: Urine stained and smelly clothes are never fun to deal with. That potent urine odor can seem impossible to remove once it has set into fabric. While it may seem easier to just throw away clothes that have been soaked in urine, there are ways to salvage items and get the urine smell out of clothes in the washer.

How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes in the Washer: From Fiasco to Fabulous
How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes in the Washer

How to Remove Urine Smell from Clothes in the Washer

In this article, we’ll explain how to remove urine odor from clothes using ingredients you likely have at home. With the right techniques, you can wash urine smell out of clothes and prevent it from returning.

Follow these methods to help Eliminate Urine Odor From Clothes

Rinse With Vinegar

For fresh stains, rinse clothes in cold water with white vinegar before washing. The acidic vinegar will help neutralize odor.

Use Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners like Nature’s Miracle break down urine at a molecular level. Pre-treat stains and wash clothes with an enzyme cleaner.

Add Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Add 1⁄2 cup of baking soda along with detergent to help absorb odors.

Wash With Detergent

Use a strong detergent like Persil or Tide to wash urine-stained clothes. Detergent helps release stains and residue.

Dry Thoroughly

Heat from the dryer further helps to remove dampness that can cause odor. Dry clothes thoroughly after washing.

Repeat If Needed

For severe urine smell, wash clothes 2-3 times using these steps to fully remove the stench.

Extra Tips for Eliminating Urine Smell

Check for stains

Inspect clothes closely and pretreat any visible urine stains. This prevents smell from lingering.

Disinfect the washer

Run a sanitize or tub clean cycle in your washing machine to kill bacteria that causes odor.

Air dry in sunlight

The UV rays in sunlight act as a natural disinfectant. Hang clothes outside to dry.

Replace water hoses

Bacteria in hoses can transfer to clothes. Use fresh water hoses to prevent recontamination.

Understanding the Enemy

Urine contains uric acid, the culprit behind that distinct ammonia-like odor. Removing it requires more than just a regular wash cycle. Here’s the breakdown:

Fresh Stains: Act fast! Blot up excess liquid with a clean, absorbent cloth. Don’t scrub, as this spreads the stain and odor.

Dried Stains: Pre-treat the area with an enzyme cleaner specifically designed for organic matter like urine. Follow the product instructions for proper soaking time.

Waging War on the Smell: Now, unleash the power of your washing machine with these potent tactics:

Hot Water Power: Opt for the hottest water temperature your garment can handle, as heat helps break down uric acid. Follow the care label instructions to avoid shrinkage.

Mighty Detergent Muscle: Ditch gentle detergents! Choose a potent laundry detergent formulated for tough stains and odors. Look for enzymes that target organic matter.

Vinegar’s Acid Attack: Add a cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle. Its acidity neutralizes uric acid and freshens fabrics. Remember, use vinegar only for washing machine-safe clothes.

Baking Soda’s Natural Deodorizer: Sprinkle baking soda onto the pre-treated stain before washing. Its odor-absorbing properties work wonders on lingering smells.

Second Round Attack: If the odor persists, repeat the pre-treatment and wash cycle using a different enzyme cleaner or a stronger detergent.

Victory Dance & Preventative Measures: Once your clothes are odor-free, celebrate with a little victory dance (your cat might join in!). Now, to avoid future battles:

Act Fast: The sooner you treat a stain, the easier it is to remove the odor.

Separate the Troops: Wash urine-stained clothes separately from other laundry to prevent odor transfer.

Air it Out: After washing, dry your clothes outdoors in the sun whenever possible. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant and further neutralizes odors.

Bonus Tip: For delicate fabrics or stubborn stains, consider professional cleaning. They have specialized tools and techniques to tackle even the toughest odor challenges.


Don’t despair over urine-tainted clothes! With the right cleaning strategies and a little elbow grease, you can banish those pesky smells and keep your wardrobe fresh and fabulous. So, embrace the accidental spills and mishaps, knowing you have the knowledge and power to overcome them. Your garments (and your nose) will thank you!

With the proper strategy, you can successfully remove urine odor from clothes in the washing machine. Say goodbye to smelly clothes and restore freshness with these effective techniques.

Feel free to add personal anecdotes, humor, or scientific explanations to make this post even more engaging for your readers. I hope this information helps you create a comprehensive and informative blog post that banishes urine smells from laundry (and lives) forever.

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