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Introducing Bradford Hills Pet Salon & Reviews: For Pampered Pets in Suburban Bliss

Bradford Hills Pet Salon Interdiction: Nestled in the serene community of Bradford Hills is our pet styling oasis, Bradford Hills Pet Salon. We provide suburban pets and owners with a tranquil spot to relax whiles we work our grooming magic. At Bradford Hills, your dogs and cats will receive the royal treatments.

Introducing Bradford Hills Pet Salon & Reviews: For Pampered Pets in Suburban Bliss
Bradford Hills Pet Salon & Reviews

Salon Services for Primped Pets

Our Grooming Menu Features

▪️Bath and brush packages
▪️Breedb specific trims and cuts
▪️Teeth brushing and ear cleaning
▪️Nail trimming and filing services
▪️Deshedding treatments
▪️Creative styling with accessories

We handle everything from basic trims to show quality cuts. Our patient groomers have experience with pets of all personalities and needs. We aim to ensures your furry friends feel calm and comfortable through out their salon visit.

The Bradford Hills Pet Boutique

In Addition To Grooming, We offer a Charming Pet Boutique With.

▪️Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Sweaters, Pajamas
▪️Plush beds, Carriers, Toys
▪️Grooming Tools, Dental hygiene
▪️Local treats and Foods
▪️Custom ID tags, Monogrammed accessories

Pampering Paws and Purrfectly Happy Tails: Bradford Hills Pet Salon

Nestled in the heart of Wexford, Pennsylvania, Bradford Hills Pet Salon is not just a place for a quick bath and brush up. Its a canines and Felines oasis where furry friends experiences the pampering they deserve, all under the care of a team passionate abouts animals well being. Whether your pup needs a sleek new trim or your kitty craves a luxurious spa day, Bradford Hills Pet Salon promises a purrfectly personalized experiences for every tail that wags through theirs doors.

More Than Just a Groom

Forget cookie cutter grooming with anxious waits in crates. Bradford Hills Pet Salon tailors each session to your pets unique personality, breed needs and coat type. Theirs skilled and compassionate groomers create stylish trims that’s complement your pups individual flairs or leave your feline friend feeling fluffy and fabulous. But it does not stop there.

Spa Treatments Galore

Treat your furry friend to a day of indulgences with mud baths, blueberry facials and calming aromatherapy massages.

Specialized Care for Sensitive Souls

No need to worry if your pet has extra needs. Bradford Hills provides gentle grooming for puppies, geriatrics pets and those with anxiety or special requirements.

Nail trims and More

From clipping claws to cleaning ears, Bradford Hills takes care of all the essentials grooming tasks, ensuring your pet looks and feels theirs best.

Safety and Comfort are Top Priority

Leaving your furry family member in some one else’s care can be nervenwracking. Bradford Hills understands this and goes the extra mile to provide a stress free experiences.

Cage-free Environment

Your pet enjoys spacious, climates controlled play areas while waiting for theirs pampering sessions.

Constant Supervision

Never a lonely moment. Experienced groomers ensure your pets are always accompanied and attended to.

Open Communication

You are welcome to call any time to check on your furry friend and the team will happily address any questions or concerns.

Giving Back to the Community

Bradford Hills Pet Salon believes in spreading the love beyond the salon walls. They actively support local animal shelters and rescue organizations, offering discounted grooming services and participating in adoption events. This dedication to Animals welfare adds to the already warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to Book Your Pets Paw-sitive Experience?

Scheduling a session at Bradford Hills Pet Salon is a breeze. Call them directly, book online or simply swing by the salon to chat with theirs friendly staff. They are always happy to answer your questions and discuss your pets individual needs.

Tails Wagging, Fur Purrfect: What Customers Reviews & Say About Bradford Hills Pet Salon

When it comes to choosing the right place to pamper your precious pup or kitty, reviews from fellow pet parents can be invaluable. So, what do furry friends and their humans have to say about Bradford Hills Pet Salon? Let’s peek into theirs purrfect experiences.

“Max loves his spa days at Bradford Hills.”
Sarah M. Golden Retriever owner

“They always listen to my requests and give Max the most adorable summer cut. He comes home happy and smells amazing. The blueberry facial is his favorite do not judge. ”

“My shy kitty transformed in to a purring princess.”
John L. Persian cat owner

“My skittish Luna would not let any one near her fur before. The staff at Bradford Hills were so patient and gentle and now she can not wait for her next visit. Plus, her fur is the softest it’s ever been.”

“More than just a groom, its a stress-free treat!”
Emily K. Rescue dog owner

“My rescue pup, Bailey, can be nervous in new places. But Bradford Hills has been amazing. They take it slow, give him lots of love, and he even gets to play in their cool indoor park. I can finally relax knowing he’s having a great time.”

“Their dedication to animals shines through!”
David C. Regular Customer

“Beyond the fantastic grooming. I love theirs commitments to supporting local shelters. It feels good knowing that by pampering my pup, I am helping other animals too.”

These are just a few glimpses in to the paw-sitive waves Bradford Hills Pet Salon creates. From personalized care and stress free environments to luxurious spa treatments and a genuine love for all animals, its no wonder customers keep coming back for more.

Ready to see your furry friend wagging their tail or purring with contentment? Give Bradford Hills Pet Salon a try. You might just discover your new go to spot for purrfectly pampered paws and happy tails.

Bradford Hills Pet Salon: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Wagging Tails and Purring Paws

Q: What kind of pets does Bradford Hills Pet Salon groom?

A: They pamper both pups and kitties, catering to all breeds and coat types. They even offer specialized care for puppies, seniors and sensitive pets.

Q: Are their grooming services personalized?

A: Absolutely. They tailor each session to your pet’s individual needs, breed characteristics and even theirs unique personality.

Q: Do they offer more than just basic grooming?

A: Yes! Spoil your furry friend with spa treatments like mud baths, blueberry facials and calming massages. They also handle essential tasks like nail trims and ear cleaning.

Q: Is my pet safe and comfortable at Bradford Hills Pet Salon?

A: Top priority. They provide a stress free experience with cage free play areas, constant supervision and open communications for your peace of mind.

Q: Does Bradford Hills Pet Salon give back to the community?

A: They do. They support local animals shelters and rescues organizations through discounted services and adoptions events.

Q: How can I book my pets pampering session?

A: Call them directly, book online or simply pop in for a chat. They are happy to answer questions and discuss your pets needs.

Q: What can I expect to pay for grooming at Bradford Hills Pet Salon?

A: Prices vary depending on your pets size, breed and service needs. Contact them for a personalized quote.

Q: Where can I find more information about Bradford Hills Pet Salon?

A: Visit theirs website for adorable photos, promotions and grooming tips. You can also follow them on social media for paw-sitive vibes.

Bonus Tips & Guide

▪️Check out Bradford Hills Pet Salon’s website and social media for adorable photos, special promotions, and helpful grooming tips.

▪️Take advantage of their complimentary nail trim consultation to get acquainted with the salon and staff.

▪️Sign up for their loyalty program to earn rewards and exclusive discounts for your furry friend.

So, whether you are a local Wexford resident or a pet parents visiting the area, give Bradford Hills Pet Salon a try. You Will discover a team that pampers your pup or kitty with expertise, love and a commitments to ensuring every wag and purr is filled with joy.

With its dedication to personalized care, safety and community, Bradford Hills Pet Salon is your go to spot for transforming every grooming session into a paw-sitive experience for your cherished pet. Unleash their inner glow and witness the magic of Bradford Hills

For Suburban Pet owners seeking grooming, specialty retail and community, visit the Bradford Hills Pet Salon. We can not wait to help your pets look and feel theirs best.

Things To Remember

Bradford Hills Pet Salon is more than just a grooming salon, its a haven for furry friends. Treat your pet to the paw-sitive experiences and witness the magic of personalized pampering. Customer reviews are a power ful tool for building trust and credibility. By incorporating real life experiences, you can give potential clients a reason to believe that’s Bradford Hills Pet Salon is the best place for their beloved pets.

Vaccinations & Other Requirements

Each salon guest must have current vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper and I-Trac or Bordatella at least 7 days before theirs visit. We’ll be glad to help you determine which vaccinations your pet requires. Pet’s should be using a flea preventative recommended by their veterinarian.

Remember, regular grooming promotes a healthy coat, decreases odor, reduces shedding, and helps pets relax. Our prices vary by size of our guest and coat condition. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions to ensure that your pet’s spa experience turns out just as you imagined.

Our Pet Salon is a licensed provider of FURminator Shed Less Treatments . This treatment provides a thorough hydro cleaning of the skin and coat, leaving your pet more comfortable. With in one to two treatments, the FURminator has been proven to reduce shedding up to 95%. Dogs with all types of coat textures long or short hair, smooth or rough and pets of all sizes benefit from Shed Less Treatments.

Meet Our Groomer

Rochelle Valiquette has always loved dogs. She lives with four dogs of her own that’s are all rescues. Rochelle had always dreamed of a career that would allow her to work with animals. She followed her dream and went to grooming school in Medina, Ohio to become a certified professional dog groomer.

Rochelle joins the Bradford Hill’s team with over approximately 10 years of grooming experience. She keeps up on the latest grooming techniques by attending trade shows and seminars. Rochelle does creative styling techniques such as “Asian Fusion” and hair coloring on dogs. She believes that’s a big part of being a professional groomer is knowing what products can help get the look and feel that clients want for theirs pets.

Rochelle also prides her self on building a strong relationship with the dog as well as the client. She believes in treating all of the groom dogs as if they were her own. Of all the dogs Rochelle has groomed, her absolute favorites was a Bouvier Des Flandres.

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