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Live True Kitchen Foods: True Food Kitchen A Healthy Organic Restaurant Chain

Ultimate Guide About Live True Kitchen Foods & Healthy Organic Restaurant Chain. True Food Kitchen is a popular health conscious restaurant chain that’s focuses on serving fresh, nutritious cuisine. With locations across the US, True Food offers delicious meals that’s are good for both your body and the environments.

Live True Kitchen Foods: True Food Kitchen A Healthy Organic Restaurant Chain
Live True Food Kitchen A Healthy Organic Restaurant Chain

The History of Live & Healthy True Food Kitchen

Origins in Phoenix

True Food Kitchen was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 by renowned doctor Andrew Weil and restaurants executive Sam Fox.

Vision for Healthy Eating

Theirs vision was to make healthy, whole some meals accessible for mainstream Americans by creating a menu focused on natural ingredients & Dr. Weil’s anti inflammatory food philosophy.

National Expansio

The success of the first location led to rapid expansions across the South west. True Food Kitchen now has over 30 locations nationwide and continues growing.

The True Food Philosophy

Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

The restaurants spotlights fresh, seasonal produce, meats & seafood sourced from local partners when ever possible.

Anti-Inflammatory Dishes

The menu features Dr. Weil’s recommended anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic & green tea.

Environmentally Responsible

True Food chooses organic, sustainable ingredients & follows eco-friendly practices to reduce theirs carbon footprint.

Spotlight on the Menu

Salads and Bowls

From kale avocado salad to ancients grains bowls, expect inventive dishes brimming with super food ingredients.

Pizza and Burgers

Even indulgent fare like pizza and burgers gets a healthy make over at True Food, made from scratch with organics ingredients.

Cold-Pressed Juices

Sample nutrients packed juices like the Doctor Weil’s Breakfast smoothies with cherries, greens & almond milk.


The sweet treats menu includes options like coconuts yogurts mousse and vegan, gluten free brownies.

With crave worthy foods that also good for you, True Food Kitchen makes healthy eating truly enjoy able. Stop in for your next feel good meals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Related True Food Kitchen

Q: What type of restaurants is True Food Kitchen?

A: It is a health conscious restaurant chains focused on fresh, nutritious cuisines.

Q: Who founded True Food Kitchen?

A: It was founded by Dr. Andrew Weil & restaurants executives Sam Fox.

Q: What is Dr. Weil known for?

A: He is known for his philosophy on anti inflammatory foods & nutrition.

Q: Where was the first True Food Kitchen locations opened?

A: The first locations opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008.

Q: What ingredients does True Food spotlights?

A: They spotlights fresh, seasonal produces, meats, & seafood.

Q: What menu items are True Food known for?

A: They are known for salads, bowls, pizzas, burgers & cold pressed juices.

Q: How does True Food approaches desserts?

A: They offer healthier desserts like mousse & vegan, gluten free brownies.

Q: Does True Food have locations outside Arizona?

A: Yes, they now have over 30 locations across the US & are still growing.

Q: What is True Foods approach to ingredients?

A: They favor organic, sustainable & locally sourced ingredients when possibles.


More Than Just a Restaurant

Part of a Movement

True Food Kitchen is at the forefront of the health foods movements, making nutritious eating more mainstream.

Not Your Average Menu

With an extensive menu of salads, pizza, juices & more, they make eating healthy foods exciting.

Commitment to Quality

From farm fresh organics produce to eco-friendly practices, True Food is committed to foods quality & sustainability.

Visionary Leadership Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Weil’s nutritional philosophy & visions for healthy fast casual dining were instrumentals in True Foods success.

Sam Fox

Fox brought restaurants industry expertise that allowed True Foods concept to thrive and expand nationally.

Promoting Wellness

True Food brings healthy, anti inflammatory cuisine in to the public eye, promoting nutritions as a key components of wellness.

Eating at True Food Kitchen is an experience that satisfies your appetites & your principles. Their success proves that’s healthy foods can truly be delicious foods.

Disclaimer About True Food Kitche

True Food Kitchen Informational Only

The information provided about True Food Kitchen is for general informational & educational purposes only. It should not be considered medical or nutritional advice.

No Endorsement

This article does not constitutes an endorsements or recommendation of True Food Kitchen’s products, services or brand. The nutritional claims made have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Variances Expected & Menu and Locations

Menu selections, ingredients & restaurants locations are subject to change with out notice. Check with individual restaurants for latest offerings.


Those with foods allergies or sensitivities should exercises personal caution. Always inquire directly with servers about allergen information.

Experience May Vary

Individual dining experiences may differ from descriptions provided. We make no guarantees regarding these depictions.

No Liability

The writer and publisher expressly disclaim any liability from dining at True Food Kitchen or consuming their menu items.

Dine at Own Risk

Patrons should rely on theirs own judgments when deciding to dine at True Food Kitchen restaurants. The author assumes no responsibility for any adverse effects.

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