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Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited Mezan Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy Foods & Beverages

Voice of The People Report: VOP Latest Breaking News Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited. Mezan PVT Limited was established in the year 1951 to 1952 with the corporate name of “Paracha Textile Mills Limited”. The foundation stone was laid by the Excellency of Khawaja Nazimuddin, the Governor General of Pakistan.

Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited Mezan Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy Foods & Beverages
Mezan Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy in Pakistan

Mezan Group Pakistan Largest Brand Company

Over the last 4 years, Mezan PVT Limited has proven to be admired all over Pakistan due to its wide variety of products, constant innovation, highly attractive packaging formats, suitable prices for every consumers segment and memorable advertising.

The “Mezan” brand was nationally launched in 2008 through the most iconic media advertising campaign of the category titled:

Mezan PVT Limited Featured Products in Pakistan

Mezan Group is the proud producer of Mezan Edible Oil, Mezan Olive Oil, Mezan Beverages & Mezan Tea.

Mezan Banaspati Ghee

Mezan Banaspati Ghee is the only granular Banaspati Ghee that provides the unforgettable taste while preserving the superior cooking traditions of Pakistan.

Mezan Banaspati Ghee Manufacturing

Mezan Banaspati Ghee has been manufactured by highly professional teams through the state of art technology which is called “Continues process”, that means, from raw material to finished product, there is no human involvement.

That is why, Mezan Banaspati Ghee texture and its aroma give the resemblance of our ancestor is cooking style which makes you special in your social circle & Lifestyle.

Mezan Cooking Oil & Mezan Canola Oil

Mezan Group Manufacturing Cooking Oil and Natural Canola Oil are powered by Tocopherol. Tocopherol helps to improve your Immune Systems. Tocopherol plays a vital roles in improving our immune systems.

Mezan Canola Oil

It helps in the proper functioning of DNA repairs and also in improving the human body metabolism processes.

In take of Tocopherol helps stop the development of nitrosamines in our body.

Mezan Olivola Cooking Oil

Mezan Olivola is the brand that combines the premium properties of cold press Canola with the healthy richness of Olive oil.

Mezan Olivola Cooking Oil

This cooking oil blend is a break through in nutritional advancement which makes it your number one choice for exceptionally healthy food cooking and great tasting food.

Mezan Tea Ultra Rich, Mezan Tea Hardum & Mezan Tea Baithak

Mezan Chai (Tea) is manufactured for the purpose of bringing families together to enjoy a warm cup of tea. Mezan Tea same warmth that radiates from a family’s love.

Mezan Tea Ultra Rich

We are not only boost togetherness but have taken strict precautions producing all products of Mezan Chai to ensure every cup of tea made with Mezan Chai is not only rich with taste but invigorates your health fitness as well.

Mezan Beverages (Pvt) Ltd Cola Next

Mezan Beverages PVT Limited successfully launched its beverages Cola Next Next Cola project in a record time of one year and started its production in March 2016.

Mezan Beverages Cola Next

It is a latest plant in the history of Pakistan with state of the art overall infrastructure. Mezan Beverages Products Cola Next, Rango, Storm, Mount, Dare, Ola Mineral Water.

Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited PSX

Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited IPO

Mezan Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited SECP

Buy Meezan Cooking Oil & Mezan Banaspati Ghee at Best Price in Pakistan.

Mezan Cooking Oil, Mezan Canola Oil & Mezan Sunflower Oil are powered by Tocopherol that helps to improve your Immune Systems.


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