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Sufi Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited Sufi Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy Foods & Beverages

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Voice of The People Report: VOP Latest Breaking News Sufi Brands & Products Food & Beverage. Sufi Group of Companies manufacture soap in 1952 on manual production line to the newly launched range of frozen food products. The Sufi Group has been standing strong and consistent, evolving the quality of life for millions and sharing lives together with the best quality products.

Sufi Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited Sufi Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy Foods & Beverages
Sufi Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited Sufi Brand Pakistan Largest Company Healthy Foods & Beverages

Sufi Group Pakistan Largest Brand Company

Sufi country led Mr. HadayatUllah Former Chairman of the Sufi Group. Sufi Group of Companies serves a broad selection of products in industries like Homecare, personal care, Food and beverage and primarily includes Below.

Sufi PVT Limited Featured Products in Pakistan

Sufi Group Foods & Beverages Products Edible Oil, Sufi Olive Oil, Sufi Beverages

Hadayat Soap & Chemical Industries Company

Hadayat Detergent Pvt Ltd

Hadayat Soap & Chemical Industries company manufacturers detergents and has developed a core competence by adding an exciting range of products for laundry over many years. Washing is a daily affair in every household and Sufi takes a step ahead to make your works easily by offering a huge unique variety of products. With a sheer power to clean your stains, Sufi detergents have made, doing laundry products much easier task.

Hadayat Detergent Pvt Ltd Featured Products in Pakistan

Sufi Super Detergent Clothes Washing Powder

Sufi Super Detergent Washing Powder is designed for both washing machine and manual hand wash. Protecting the multi color of clothes and clothes fabric. Its Special Enzyme Formula removes stains in no time and its hypoallergenic formula protects the human skin during hand wash. Ensuring the detergent high quality you deserve.

Sufi Twin Detergent Clothes Washing Powder

Sufi Twin Detergent Clothes Washing Powder is a superfine powder that removes tough stains with ease, leaving no residue on your clothes.

Being a superfine and activated washing powder. It dissolves easily and reaches the stain, removing it easily and giving the perfect fast wash, every time.

Sufi Vermicelli Soap

Sufi Vermicelli is special quality soap, made from a special antique formula and is known for its powerful cleaning capacity.

In the being the most popular soap in Pakistan for the last two generation. Sufi special quality soap gives a powerful cleaning experience and brightness to your clothes. This soap is best used for cleaning light any types colored clothes and totally protecting the freshness even after many washes. While being fully dedicated to help families committed to high quality standards of products.

Sufi Ujala Detergent Washing Soap

Sufi Ujala washing soap is not only known for its cleaning performance but also for the shine it provides which your multi colors clothes deserve. Available in a pack of 4 blocks. Sufi Ujala Soap gives you both the product high quality and quantity.

Sufi Brown Dishwasher Soap

Sufi Brown Soap is made from a special with antique formula which helps in washing dishes, basin, baths tubs, bath room, bath tiles and bath tub cleanly.
Powerfully Sufi Brown Soap energized by lemon fragrance. Sufi Brown Soap cleans with a gratifying experience.

Sufi Special Nirol Detergent Clothes Washing Soap

Sufi Special Nirol Detergent for everyday laundry. Sufi Special Nirol Detergent is mild on clothes and gives extra brightness to your clothes. It requires minimum water and has an outstanding ability to remove dirt with least serf minor effort.

Sufi Safon Detergent Dishwashers

Sufi Safon going beyond other dishwash bars. Sufi Safon Detergent Bar has special feature of killing germs. Sufi Safon dishwasher (and its P16 Formula) you can get powerful cleaning, good fragrance and germs free utensils.

Not only that, demonstrating our commitment to a better life, this product is environment friendly too. Killing germs, leaving behind a mild fragrance and a good cleaning agent is what you look for in every dishwasher and Sufi answers all your demands by offering the right kind of formulation.

Sufi Safon soap bar to dishwashing also liquid in bottle. Sufi Safon gives you a chance to pick any of them that suits you and your family. Sufi Safon Detergent Dishwasher most loved products. Sufi Safon and Sufi Mini simply give the kinds of experience consumers are looking for it.

Sufi Fabric Softeners For Laundry

Your clothes do so much for you, they deserved some care too. Sufi Fabric Softeners helps give your clothes the best luxury finish to counter the roughness of machine washed laundry. While removing the harsh feel of laundry by conditioning the fibers of the clothes. Sufi Fabric Softeners betters the texture of clothing and gives it a clean soft fragrance.

Sufi Fabric Softeners Laundry come in two fragrances Orchard & Blossom and Lilium & Lotus. Sufi Fabric Softeners and Enhancer is specially formulated to keep the fragrance all week for clothes.

Sufi Classic Bath Soap

Sufi classic bath soap is a range of soaps with different fragrances. Sufi Classic soap specially formulated to moisturize the human skin and keep it clean and soft for you and your family. Having pampered since generations,

Sufi Classic Bath Soap
Sufi Classic Bath Soap

Sufi classic soap creates a magical bathing experience as it enhances your natural skin glow and perfection. Sufi Classic soap also giving your skin an ever youthful look. Enriched with different extracts. Sufi Classic soap renders a very refreshing feeling. Clinically proven, it also keeps you away from any un necessary skin treatments and ageing.

Simply Sufi XPRS Pvt Ltd

Simply Sufi XPRS PVT LTD is the latest achievement of Sufi Group of Companies in introducing International standards, high premium quality chicken products in Pakistan.

Simply Sufi XPRS in being a range of pure, healthy and delicious ready to cook and ready to eat meals. Simply Sufi stands for the same value system that has made the 62 years old Sufi Group of Companies synonymous with hygienic and pure foods meals. Adding new flavors to your life for every occasion. Simply Sufi XPRS brings in a range of chicken products to your home.

Simply Sufi XPRS has been adding new flavors in the life of each generation since decades. Simply Sufi XPRS flavors & range of chicken products, will make your every moment, every occasions, every cravings, taste out of this world.

Simply Sufi XPRS Pvt Ltd Featured Products in Pakistan

Simply Sufi Badami Kofta

Enjoy with Simply Sufi Badami Kofta
the rich heritage of Mughlai food in your home doorstep. Sufi Badami Kofta comes with the additional health benefits of Saffron which is a good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Sufi Badami Kofta helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure, Red Blood cell of body production, and alleviating gastric problems, insulin resistance, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Sufi Badami Kofta just prepare your choice of gravy and add Simply Sufi Badami Kofta to enjoy superior quality meal at doorstep.

Simply Sufi Chicken Nuggets

You are looking for a healthy chicken nugget that also tastes great? Then try Simply Sufi Chicken Nuggets that are made from international high quality ingredients and are free of chemical preservatives and fillers.

Simply Sufi only use chicken thigh and breast meat in our nuggets. Chicken are also coated with a light tempura style breading. Careful, the smell of freshly fried nuggets is sure to attract.

Simply Sufi Burger Patties

You tired of the burger patties available in the market?
If you want to try something new and crispy?
Simply Sufi serve the perfect, juiciest, crispiest, breaded chicken burger patty that has an international quality taste.
Simply Sufi great food brings great memories. Like burgers Fire up the wok and cook up some fast food goodness. Simply Sufi frozen chicken products are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and preservatives.

Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers

Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers is Juicy, crunchy, moist and fluffy using some awesome spices. Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers are bound to be an instant hit with the family. Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers eat them around the dinner table. Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers grab a few on the go. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one take our word for it.

Simply Sufi Chicken Tenders

Simply Sufi Chicken Tenders freezer to fryer in a few seconds. These crispy delicious chicken tenders will please your craving for fried goodies in a flavorful. Simply Sufi Chicken Tenders elegant, appetizing way.

Simply Sufi XPRS Family Feast Deal 1

2 Hot Shot Burgers
2 Crispy Chicken Roll Paratha
2 Regular Fries
4 Cola Cans

Simply Sufi XPRS Family Feast Deal 2

4 Crispy Chicken Paratha Rolls
2 Regular Fries
4 Cola Cans

Simply Sufi XPRS Family Feast Deal 3

4 Hot Shot Burgers
2 Chicken Pcs
4 Regular Fries
1 Ltr Drink

Simply Sufi XPRS Chapli Burgers Deal 4

4 Chapli Burgers
1 Ltr Drink

Simply Sufi XPRS Chicken Burger Deal 5

4 XPRS Mayo Chicken Burger
4 Sufi Cola Can

Simply Sufi XPRS Chicken Burger Midnight Deal 6

1 XPRS Mayo Chicken Burger
6 Pcs XPRS Classic Nuggets
1 Sufi Cola Can

Simply Sufi XPRS Slider Box Deal 7

Inside The Box:
1 Chappli Burger
1 Shami Burger
1 Crispy Chiken Burger

• Sufi Oil Extraction Pvt Ltd

• Sufi Tank Terminals Pvt Ltd

• Sufi Impex Pvt Ltd

• Umar Poultry Pvt Ltd

Hamza Meat & Poultry Pvt Ltd

Hamza Meat & Poultry Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the Sufi Group PVT Limited Pakistan.

The slaughter has a processing capacity of 3500 birds per hour which can be extended to upto 6500 birds per hour.

Hamza Meat & Poultry with its state of the art production facilities, designed in line with International High quality standards.

Hamza Meat and Poultry takes prides in its range of products made from fresh chicken. Hamza Meat and Poultry envision to be the Pakistan largest producer of fresh chicken and processed meat products.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Pvt Ltd Featured Products in Pakistan

Hamza Meat & Poultry Karahi Cut Chicken

Make a scrumptious Karahi with Simply Sufi Hamza Poultry special Karahi cut chicken. Buying premium chicken to suit your everyday needs has never been so easy by Hamza Meat & Poultry.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Chicken Rollers

Use a whole thigh for grilled chicken or roast it in the oven, with Simply Sufi Hamza Meat & Poultry Boneless Thigh options are limitless. Hamza Poultry Boneless Thigh with skin adds the richness to your dishes.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Chicken Skinless Boneless Thigh

Use a whole thigh for grilled chicken or roast it in the oven, with Simply Sufi Hamza Poultry Chicken Skinless Boneless Thigh options are limitless. Great for the grill or oven roasting.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Chicken Boneless Handi

Make premium chicken boneless handi with Simply Sufi Hamza Poultry for your loved ones the easy way or use it in a variety of International Quality cuisines such as Chinese, Italian or Mexican.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Chicken Breast Fillet

Use the Simply Sufi Hamza Poultry premium chicken breast fillet in recipes from all around the world and show the world your culinary skills.

Hamza Poultry Chicken great for hearty sandwiches that you can serve to your family.

Hamza Meat & Poultry Premium Chicken Qeema

With Simply Sufi Hamza Poultry Premium Chicken Qeema make finest quality dishes from kababs and gravies to pies and spring rolls. Hamza Meat & Poultry Chicken Options are limitless.

Sufi Finest Drinking Minor Water

Sufi Drinking Minor Water produce the finest quality in a full fledged laboratory manned by experienced chemists analyzing water quality round the clock in Water Can 19 Ltr. Water Can 5 Ltr, Water Can 1500 ml, Water Can 500 ml.

Sufi Drinking Minor Water all our products. Sufi guarantee pure and safe drinking water to our consumers. To ensure this level of quality we periodically get our samples tested from independent laboratories in the country and abroad in addition to an analysis report of our water from official laboratories in Pakistan.
As well as known laboratories in Europe. Sufi guarantee high Premium quality of this minor water to the concerns and stand responsible for any deficiency.

Our commitment is to provide safe drinking minor water to our consumers.

Hamza Vegetable Oil Refinery & Ghee Mills Company

Hamza Foods Pvt Ltd Featured Products in Pakistan

Under the Brands name of Sufi Banaspati & Cooking Oil we have introduced international standards of production and packaging to this industry for our brands Sufi Cooking Oil, Banaspati Ghee, Sufi Dastarkhwan, Sufi Margarine and Sufi Biscon.

Sufi Canola Cooking Oil

Sufi Canola Oil has well established heart health benefits. Sufi Canola Oil is recognized by many health professional organizations including the American Dietetic Association and American Heart Association.
It has high amounts of fats that are good for heart health ie monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated and is low on the harmful saturated fats that are less than 6%.
It also contains Omega 3 which are essential fatty acids that are necessary for proper functioning of the human body and help reduce risks of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil

Sufi sunflower cooking oil has a very high smoke point that helps foods stay fresher and healthier for longer periods of time. Containing significant amounts of vitamin E. It helps reduce the risks for heart disease by over 35%.
It consists of high amounts of heart healthy foods & fats, monounsaturated and poly unsaturated that help in reducing blood cholesterol level and lowering stroke risks and low amounts of harmful saturated fats.

Sufi Soyabean Cooking Oil

Sufi Soybean oil has the highest nutritional value as it provides proteins and amino acids in adequate amounts for human healthy body. Sufi manufacturing this from soybean has absolutely no cholesterol. Sufi Soybean Oil dramatically reduces risks for heart disease. The linoleic and linolenic fatty acids in soybean oil help the human body absorb nutrients from foods. Sufi Soybean Oil help grow healthy body cells. Being low in harmful saturated healthy fats and high in heart healthy fats. It entails an overall human fat profile that is ideal for heart patients.

Sufi Banaspati Ghee

Sufi banaspati ghee gives your foods a mouth watering aroma and an unmatched unique taste. Its low levels of cholesterol make it safe for heart patients and health conscious people. Containing significant amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin D high levels of heart human healthy fats. Sufi banaspati ghee helps towards a long healthy lifestyle.

Sufi Special Banaspati Ghee

Sufi Special banaspati ghee maintains a very low level of cholesterol for a healthier and improved lifestyle. Developed under strict high quality standards. Sufi special banaspati ghee offers you high levels of heart healthy human fats. Its light color and fine texture is proofs of its supreme quality.

Sufi Dastarkhwan Cooking Oil

Sufi Dastarkhwan cooking oil is produced from a blend of premium quality canola oil, sunflower oil and soyabean oil with a high smoke point. Sufi making it ideal for frying and roasting fast foods. Its odor less characteristic helps you retain the aroma of spices and herbs and its freshness, making it an ideal choice for people. Sufi Dastarkhwan with the absence of cholesterol and added vitamin A, D and E, it helps people heart stay healthy.

Sufi Pomace Cooking Oil

Sufi Pomace Cooking Oil from Spain is a high quality. Sufi product that is 80 percent monounsaturated, which can help lower the cholesterol levels and keep your arteries clear. Retaining the benefits of olive oil, it also includes a high level of oleanolic acid which helps lower & high blood pressure. The oil is also virtually flavor less, which can be great for dishes that require no flavor from their oils.

Sufi Extra Virgin Oil

Sufi extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil that, having undergone less processing, has a more pleasant taste. Containing fewer chemicals, it is higher in antioxidants, vitamins. and other natural ingredients. Making it a promising product that fulfills the needs of healthier and tastier foods.

Sufi Puff Margarine

Sufi Margarine offers two main products Sufi Puff Margarine for pastries and Sufi Bake Margarine. A pastry is only as good as the ingredients used in making its dough.

Sufi Offering enhanced levels of plasticity.
Sufi Puff Margarine stands out as the best pastry dough.
Its perfect and uniform layered results make it the secret ingredient of all your personal recipes. Sufi Bake Margarine is an ideal margarine for fillings between sandwich cookies and sugar wafers.

Sufi maintaining a perfect balance between solid and liquid phase. It ensures aeration, tenderness and a long shelf lifestyle.

Sufi Biscon Margarine

Sufi Biscon Margarine for baking cakes, biscuits or preparing cream fillings, Sufi Biscon offers you the highest quality margarine.
It gives your product a superb texture, unmatched unique flavor and a long shelf life.

Manufactured with advanced machinery and under high quality standards, Sufi Biscon Margarine is the ideal ingredient for your baking requirements.

Sufi Biscon

Sufi Biscon is the most preferred ingredient for crisps and delicious biscuits Sach as wafers and cookies. Sufi Biscon with superb shortening, blends and good oxidative stability, nothing compares to the texture. Consistency and rich flavor of Sufi Biscon.

Sufi Beverages Aerated Drinks

Sufi Aerated Drinks portfolio of products. Sufi Hadayat Foods Stuffs Industries introduces a special blend of international flavors and imported ingredients from world renowned food companies.

Sufi Aerated Drinks lip smacker tastes that refreshes and offers you the goodness of real flavors available in convenient and hygienic packaging. Sufi Aerated Drinks can be enjoyed any where.

Just apt for every occasions and for every family Sufi Beverages Aerated Drinks are the perfect accompaniments.

Check Below Sufi Aerated Drinks portfolio of products.

Sufi Aerated Cola

The bold flavor of Sufi Aerated Cola is definitely a cheer partners of parties. Served in every special occasions. Sufi Aerated Cola is the best selling flavors among the youths.

Be it anywhere, the fizz of Sufi Aerated Cola is never missed when you are out for an adventures.

Sufi Aerated Laman

With real Sufi lemon flavor. Sufi Aerated Laman is a refreshing drink for all age groups.

Sufi Aerated Laman drink that can be enjoyed any where and every where is a perfectly companion of the day.
The goodness of natural lemon keeps you charged and happy.

Sufi Aerated Manta

With the sweet taste of orange, Sufi Aerated Manta is a mix of flavors, mainly sweets candy and tangerines with the sparkling bubbles of soda.

Sufi Aerated Red Anaar

Now enjoy the tastes of fresh pomegranates in a bottles with our Sufi Aerated Red Annar beverage.

The rights balance of tartness and sweetness to satisfying your tastes buds.

Sufi Aerated Lychee

The Sufi Aerated Lychee fruit is a national favorite refreshing and sweetest.
We have bottled this perfect tastes for you to enjoyment on the go.

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Sufi Cooking Oil Mills PVT Limited IPO

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Buy Sufi Cooking Oil & Sufi Banaspati Ghee at Best Price in Pakistan.

Sufi Cooking Oil, Sufi Canola Oil & Sufi Sunflower Oil are powered by Tocopherol that helps to improve your Immune Systems.


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