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Ultimate Guide Find Microphone: Where is The Microphone on IPhone 11

Introduction: The iPhone 11 contains multiple microphones used for phone calls, video recording, and talking to Siri. But with the slick design of the iPhone 11, the microphone holes can be hard to locate. In this article, we’ll show you where to find the microphone on the iPhone 11.

Ultimate Guide Find Microphone: Where is The Microphone on IPhone 11
Ultimate Guide Find Microphone On IPhone 11

Why the iPhone 11 Has Multiple Microphones

The iPhone 11 features three microphones

▪️ Bottom microphone – Used for calls and Siri requests. Located on bottom near charging port.

▪️ Front camera microphone – Used for FaceTime/selfie videos. Located on the front near the camera.

▪️ Rear camera microphone – Used for recording videos with the rear cameras. Located on the back near cameras.

Having multiple mics allows the iPhone 11 to apply noise cancellation and enhance audio quality in videos and phone calls. The mics work together to achieve this.

Where is The Bottom Microphone on IPhone 11?

The primary microphone used for phone calls and talking to Siri is located on the bottom edge of the iPhone 11, to the left of the charging port. It has a small, pill-shaped hole. This mic is used whenever you make a call or talk to Siri by holding the iPhone 11 up to your mouth.

Where is the Front Camera Microphone on IPhone 11?

When using the front-facing camera for selfie videos or FaceTime calls, the iPhone 11 utilizes the microphone located near the front camera lens. It’s at the top of the phone in a tiny dot to the right of the camera. Check closely and you will see a tiny pinhole microphone there.

Where is the Rear Camera Microphone on IPhone 11?

Video recordings using the rear cameras rely on the mic located on the backside, near the bottom right of the camera bump. Look for a tiny pill-shaped hole here to find this rear-facing microphone.

Knowing the microphone locations on the iPhone 11 allows you to optimize placement when recording audio. Apple’s clever microphone array powers the iPhone 11’s superior sound.

Mic Check: Demystifying the Microphone Locations on Your iPhone 11

This guide will illuminate the microphone locations on your iPhone 11 and answer all your “mic-rophone?” questions.

The Microphone Trio

Your iPhone 11 boasts three microphones, each serving a specific purpose.

▪️ Bottom Microphone: Located on the left side of the Lightning port, this microphone handles calls and is primarily active during phone conversations.

▪️ Front Microphone: Nestled near the earpiece speaker on the front, this microphone is used for FaceTime calls, video recording, and voice recording when holding the phone upright.

▪️ Rear Microphone: Discreetly hidden on the back of the phone, next to the rear camera flash, this microphone primarily assists with noise cancellation and audio recording in landscape mode.

Mic-ing Up for Different Scenarios

Here’s how these microphones come into play in different situations.

▪️ Phone Calls: Both the bottom and front microphones contribute to clear call quality. The bottom microphone is the main player, while the front microphone helps capture your voice when the phone is held close to your face.

▪️ FaceTime Calls: The front microphone takes center stage for capturing your voice during video calls.

▪️ Voice Recording: When holding the phone upright, the front microphone is your go-to. But switch to landscape mode, and the rear microphone kicks in to provide additional audio capture.

▪️ Video Recording: Both the front and rear microphones work together to capture ambient sounds and enhance audio quality in videos.

Troubleshooting Mic Woes

If your voice isn’t getting picked up clearly, here are some quick checks.

▪️ Clean the microphone ports: Dust or debris can clog the openings. Gently wipe them with a dry cloth.

▪️ Check your case: Some phone cases might muffle the microphone. Try removing it and see if the problem persists.

▪️ Restart your iPhone: Sometimes, a simple reboot can resolve software glitches affecting the microphone.

▪️ Contact Apple Support: If the issue persists, it’s best to seek help from Apple Support for further diagnosis and potential hardware repairs.

Mic Wisdom for iPhone 11 Masters

▪️ Know your mic modes: Understanding which microphone is active in different situations can help you optimize audio capture.

▪️ Embrace the landscape: When recording videos in landscape mode, remember to turn the phone sideways to activate the rear microphone for richer audio.

▪️ Protect your mic: Avoid exposing your phone to dust, water, or extreme temperatures, which can damage the delicate microphone components.

So, the next time you need to make a call, record a voice note, or capture a video, remember the hidden symphony of microphones working silently behind the scenes on your iPhone 11. Use your newfound knowledge to mic up for any situation and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

Don’t Forget To

▪️ Share your tips and tricks for using the microphones on your iPhone 11 in the comments below.

▪️ Ask any questions you have about microphone troubleshooting or specific recording scenarios.

▪️ Create a fun infographic illustrating the locations and functions of the three microphones on the iPhone 11.

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